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Welcome to Permaculture Gardens, an online resource for newbie + veteran gardeners, where we teach and inspire you to grow food for yourself and your family.

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In our live WORKSHOPS and on the GARDEN BLOG. we teach “beyond organic gardening” and sustainable design tips. Take a look at our latest posts.

Permaculture is more than just sustainable agriculture. It is a holistic design system that yields an abundant harvest!

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What we love…

No one (as of yet) is doing some of the crazy things that we’re doing.

We geek out on optimal planting times, building diversity in your yard and besting last year’s harvest.

Our one-of-a kind garden goodies like the GARDEN GAME, song and (no dance) WORKSHOPS and our seasonal challenges are the result of the combined super powers of:

Nicky (garden cheerleader / organizer / maker)

+ Dave (garden geek / programmer /inventor)
Our story begins….in the ABOUT PAGE.

What we love even more…

That while we grow more of our own food every year, we get to empower others to do the same (and in even better ways!)

Here are some of the food gardens that we’ve helped cultivate!

“ Without Permaculture Gardens our 208 square foot urban family “farm” would simply not be possible. Their knowledge and passion have helped us avoid numerous rookie mistakes. They are completely genuine and their attention to detail and dedication unparalleled. Thank you, Dave and Nicky, for making our family’s dream a reality!”

-Camille Bissmeyer, VA

“I’m so excited that I get to work with Nicky to design my backyard. She is so thorough and really knows her stuff. She’s also super easy to work with and to talk to and I really look forward to our conversations. I’ve been tossing around ideas for so long and haven’t been able to make any solid plans by myself, so I feel so lucky to have found her and this program! Can’t wait to see how my garden changes in the next year!”

– Mindy Caruth, UT

Your own backyard is an edible landscape in the making!

Let the transformation begin by

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We'll also send bi-weekly permaculture tips & tricks your way!

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