Hi! We’re Dave and Nicky Schauder.

School kids rooting around for sweet potatoes

Our family in the 2016 garden. We have had 2 new additions (twins!) since then.

We live in townhouse with a small backyard and even smaller front yard (1/27th of an acre!). Despite these space constraints, in our first year of permacultur-ing around, we grew 90lbs of fruits and veg!

Update: At the end of 2016, we grew 130 lbs of produce!

We believe that if we (Let’s be straight. Nicky used to be a black thumb) can grow food year-round, so can you! The concept of “black” or “brown thumbs” does not exist in our Permaculture Garden. We are simply all learning to grow!

You can see some of our work at the permaculture garden we started in our kids’ Title 1 elementary school on our Instagram Page!

We’re so inspired about our results that we want the same thing for you! Check out the free webinars we are always rolling out.

Our blog and newsletter contain many tips on saving time (and money!) in the garden and some permaculture wisdom we’ve gathered over the years.

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What is Permaculture Anyways?

Permaculture is a term coined by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the 70s initially to to mean “permanent agriculture” and later to encompass various systems of sustainable design in the landscape, the home, economy and society.

When we think of permaculture, we think of sustainable design-systems based on observation. Permaculture practices go beyond organic methods. These methods have sometimes been called “lazy-gardening!”

School yard harvest!

More About Us!


We are humbled that our permaculture garden work has been featured on:

  • huffpost


  • greenfest


We are Sustainable Suburban Garden Design… SIMPLE and DEMYSTIFIED.


We offer a “GARDEN GAME PLAN” and a Heap of Inspiring Stories.

Everyone in the Permaculture Garden tribe is LEARNING to GROW.

Everyone has a productive NICHE to fill.

We believe Sustainability is DIVINELY ORDAINED.

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