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  • When: This Summer!

    We won the DC Green Festival Expo Brand Award for 2017!
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    And we won the Expert Dojo (guys above) Green Dream Award too!

  • What: An Online & Offline Garden Gaming Experience

    The Garden Game is our growing solution for busy families!

    It is fun + education + motivation all in one box!

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    1. Choose from 3 Tracks: Herb Spiral, Square Foot Garden or Kid’s Garden

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    2. Gather materials & attend onboarding calls to get guidance via

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    3. Implement your plan with your blueprint + step-by-step online instructions

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    4. To maintain / troubleshoot your garden, play mini-games like “Bug Hunt,” “ID the Weeds” and “First Peast to the Table.”

    5. Share your experiences with others while learning how to grow your own food this summer.

    Garden Gamers Harvesting Sprouts

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  • Why?

    Because sometimes you just need a fun & strategic way to start growing your own food!

    This way you game-ify gardening to motivate yourself to finally get growing this year!

The power is in your hands

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Choose from 3 Tracks

The Herb Spiral

Each niche in this design
is a unique growing space
for a particular herb.

The Square-Foot Garden

Simple & Straightforward Square Space

The Kid's Garden

3 Sisters, Pizza Garden & Pollinators


The Garden Game is open to the entire U.S.A. except for Alaska and Hawaii.

Our Garden Gamers currently come from:

Washington State
New Jersey

We take into account your growing zone before shipping out your kit and have tailored the modules to include specifications for varying climates.

– Curated (tried and tested), non-GMO, organic, heirloom seeds to maximize flavor and function. These seeds really work!
– (8) heirloom, non-GMO vegetables (Bush Beans, Tomatoes, Peppers, Melon, Winter Squash, Sunflower, Corn, Swiss Chard)

– (7) culinary herbs (Thyme, Rosemary, Dill, Basil, Sage, Oregano, Lavender)

– (6) insectary plants (Anise Hyssop, Echinacea, Calendula, Yarrow, Borage, Nasturtium)

(3) 1020 heavy-duty seed flats (10 x 20″ inch with no holes). We’ve tried a lot of 1020s in the market and these ones are the best.

But the game is more than just the kit. It is an end-to-end experience.

We flesh out the 3 tracks on our April 27 Webinar 8PM called,

“3 Simple Garden Plans”

You will be choosing (1) one of 3 tracks to take throughout the 6-month course. These are the templates/blueprints that you will be following.


The herb spiral is much more than a kitchen herb garden. Every niche in the spiral has a different micro-climate making each space uniquely suitable for a particular herb to grow in. It is a space-saver and a beautiful, efficient & effective application of pattern in garden design.

The square-foot garden was popularized by engineer/gardener, Mel Bartholomew. This design maximizes growing, especially in small spaces likes decks and is perfect for beginners due to its simplicity.

This garden is designed specifically to engage the senses and promote study of science and nature among children.
All the materials for this design can be easily acquired & are dependent on your budget & garden style.

Absolutely! These modules were intended as an intro to gardening course first and foremost for parents and for children who are able to trasnplant seedlings with care. From our experience, Kindegarteners (and to a lesser extent preschoolers) can do this task.

We will also being having a “Kids Zoom” call if you choose the “Kid’s Garden” track.

You will get your kit 5-10 business days after your purchase. We ship out Tuesday and Fridays.

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Testimonials From Our Fall Garden Game Beta

  • “On the subject of the Garden Game, I am very much looking forward to redeeming my points for seeds. Thank you both for your generosity in not only sharing your knowledge to put on this game for others, but also for generously providing prizes! It was truly an honor to participate.”Pauline Davis

    Lettuce harvested by one of the players

  • “My sprouts are ready to transplant and I will be doing that tomorrow afternoon or Saturday morning! Very exciting…”
    Margie Lazo

    Sprouts grown by Fall Garden Gamers

    I wanted to tell you thank you so much for the seeds (which I won in one of the games)! I’m so excited for (the game) this spring. I wish you all the best.Emily Allen, founder of That's What I Eat
We Want to Grow With You!

Grow alone


for 6 months
  • No Blueprint/Template to follow
  • Curated Organic Seeds worth $50 value
  • Heavy-Duty Seed Flats $10 value
  • Full-Access to the Garden Game $147 value
  • Monthly Online Garden Consults $200
  • Kid-Friendly Mini-Games &
  • Motivational Prizes along the way
  • Hit or Miss results

The Garden Game starts May 15 and ends in November 2017.