Permaculture Words of the Week: Law of Return

In Permaculture, the “Law of Return” means that whatever we take, we must return. For instance, if we take from the earth (grow fruits and veggies), we must return (rotten produce, yard debris that make good compost) to the soil.

In many cases, the little that we return to the earth increases next year’s harvest. This is the secret to abundance. Our gardens must be cyclical in order to be truly sustainable.

Let’s see how much we can compost on site this year. ┬áHauling out our leaves to the curbside may look tidy, but in the long-run is really a waste of our time, energy and good mulch!

kids leaves

Our kids above collect leaves for composting and mulching. The more we mulched and “built up” our soil, the more food we got in return!

How else do you think you could apply “Law of Return” in your yard?
Tell us below!