The road to DC Green Festival Brand Award for 2017

The road to Green Festival DC was tough. The week before, all of us (except the twins) got “strep throat.”

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Because we only own one car, the older kids and I took the train to set-up our booth last Friday in DC, while Dave followed along after us, carrying the booth stuff in the mini-van.

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  • In our booth, we gave people seeds as a gift for signing-up for our newsletter and hoped they would plants them when they got home.

    We also launched our new and only product: The Garden Game

  • Meanwhile, you guys were voting us in as as one of the coolest, most innovative brands at the Green Fest.

    On Saturday, the judges recognized the number of votes, nominated us as finalists and came by the booth to grill us about what we do.

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    Fellow panelists, Nancy Lawson(The Humane Gardener), Kathy Jentz (Washington Gardener) and Pamela Hess (Acadia)
  • On Sunday afternoon, I was honored to be on a panel discussion about the importance of saving seeds. The movie we were asked to review was “Seed: The Untold Story.” It is so beautiful done and I highly recommend it for family viewing.

    I think it may have well replaced my own personal favorite film, “Wall-E” as #1.

  • While I was onstage, Dave was asked to be present on a different stage along with other finalists for the Brand Award.

    Thank God for our volunteers on Sunday for covering the booth and carrying the twin babies.

    Shout out to our volunteer, Hala Belarmil who herself runs gardens in Fairfax schools!

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  • Dave also gave a live “Seed Starting Workshop” at the event.

We Won!

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  • Plus these cool dudes from Expert Dojo (a business startup sponsor) awarded us the “Green Dream Award” for the most promising brand that they could help take to the next business level.

Since this is really YOUR award, we want to THANK YOU!

As a THANK YOU to you, our permaculture garden tribe, we are giving away a compilation of a few of our freebies over the past year as a resource for you during your spring planting!

Click on the image below to take your spring crops from seed to transplant.

The video below the PDF can also be a helpful guide.

Feel free to share and spread this so we can all remember how to grow our own food again the way our ancestors did.

Without pesticides, chemicals but instead working with nature’s wonderful ways and rhythms.

You have the power to feed yourself organic. non-GM, delicious and highly nutritious food. You have the power to alleviate hunger and poverty. You have the key to optimum health and spiritual well-being. And that key, that solution is located in YOUR backyard garden or plot.

Enjoy and Grow Abundantly!


Next week: How you can do “Lasagna Gardening ”

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